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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Relaxer Day!!- My way!

Today was my relaxer day. I based my scalp with JBCO to prevent burns and overprocessing and self-relaxed with my usual Mizani Butter Blends Relaxer for Sensitive Scalp. I used a sprush (pictured above) to apply the relaxer to my new growth and then dusted my ends with relaxer 2 minutes before neutralizing with Mizani Butter Blends Sensitive Scalp Balance Hair Bath.

I always do a protein treatment on relaxer days to put back the protein taken away by relaxing. Today I used the Organics Hair Mayonaise mixed with extra virgin olive oil. I applied it generously all over the hair and covered it with a foil cap for 3 hours before rinsing it out.

I applied my Elasta QP H-two leave and conditioner and Extra strength hair placenta to damp hair which I left for 5 minutes to penetrate. I then blow dried my hair and applied castor oil hair treatment to my scalp and Elasta QP hair lotion and coconut oil to my hair to moisturize and seal.

I'm wearing a bun as a protective style.

Do you self relax?


  1. Hi I have actually stopped relaxing my hair since november 2011, but I have nothing against others doing it. I enjoy trying new styles with my hair: cutting it short, wearing it long/curly/straight. I'm going natural but I just see it as a new hairstyle nothing revolutionary.

    1. Oh wow, my hair is relaxed and I'm a lot less experimental with my hair than you are. If my hair isn't in a bun it's in a weave :)