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Friday, 6 July 2012

Sheer Tights For WOC!!- Pendeza Tights!!

Hi everyone!
I dont know about any you, but finding a pair of "skin tone" tights is a total nightmare on the high street. Many hosiery brands have yet to grasp that not everybody can wear beige tights. I had long since given up hope that I would ever find tights that would match my skin tone until I stumbled across this brand whilst looking for tights to wear for my upcoming graduation.
They come in 5 tones from tone 10 (on the left) to tone 50 (on the right), I wear a tone 10 and they match my skin tone perfectly. These tights are available in 4 sizes; S, M, L and XL. Even though I am quite slim (UK size 8-10), I am tall at 5'11 so I decided to get the XL just to be sure they would be long enough and they fit beautifully.
The opacity is perfect at 15 denier, just thick enough to blur out any imperfections on the legs. I have bought 2 more pairs since my first pair because I love them so much.
I think they are well priced at £4.99 and are sturdy for 15 denier tights. I highly recommend them to anyone that has similar issues finding sheer tights to match their deeper skin tone.

They are available at in the UK and in the US.


  1. hey hun i have an awrd for u waiting on blog....check it out here

    1. Oh yay!! I will get that post up asap!! Thank you for thinking of me!! :D

  2. Like I said on FBL, finally! Been on the hunt for tights like this.

  3. Well done lovely! And thanks for your comment x #teamtall

  4. I love Pendeza tights. They are the perfect sheer tights. They feel so silky to the touch.

  5. Oh wow thanks so much. Im Indian and its just so hard to find tight of my skin tone. I also suffer from KP aka black dots all over my skin. JusT ordered it. :)

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