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Saturday, 21 April 2012

My Hair Regimen!!

Hi Everyone,
To say my hair is thriving would be the under statement of the year, so I've decided to share what I been doing to increase my length and volume which I know can be quite the challenge with Afro-Caribbean hair.

Protective style:
A weave is usually my protective style of choice, especially in the cold winter months. This does a lot to protect my hair from the elements thus protecting it from dryness and breakage. It is of upmost importance to keep your hair and hair extensions clean and moisturized (I was my hair extensions every 1-2 weeks). I usually used the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration range for my hair extensions as it is hydrating and leaves minimal residue on the hair. Argan oil and heat protectants are the only product I use on my hair extensions and really all that is needed.
In between weaves I tend to go for the mother of all protective styles; the bun. It's simple, quick and pretty much suits every face shape. I sport this styles mainly in the summer months as I usually prefer my hair off my face and neck during this time.

As my hair is no longer in it's natural state I relax my hair on average every 3-4 months with Mizani Butter Blends relaxer for sensitive scalp. I love this relaxer. It's mild and does not have the usual god-awful relaxer smell. It also does not leave my hair over processed or leave my scalp with scabs and burns.
I follow the relaxer with a neutralizing conditioning shampoo also from the mizani butter blends range.
As I rarely use heat on my hair due to the fact that my hair is usually in a weave I blow dry my hair after it has been relaxed and washed. I use hair lotions on my hair usually from brands like motions and Elasta QP, and any hair oils on my scalp.

Wash days:
I wash my natural hair once a week with creme of nature argan oil moisturizing shampoo and conditioner which I adore and it is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the mizani products. I follow this with either a protein or moisture treatment which I alternate. I don't usually stick to the same treatments as I have found they all pretty much work the same way.

My Holy grail products:
Mizani Butter Blends Relaxer
Creme of Nature argan oil range
Castor oil
Wild grow oil
Elasta-QP H-Two leave in conditioner
Hask Placenta Leave in treatment (Extra strength)
Elasta-QP glaze
Motions hair Lotion (Pink Bottle)
Herbal Essences hello hydration Range
Argan oil


What are your hair favs?


  1. Hey great post. Your hair looks so healthy!